Top Waterfalls of Norway

Since we are from Oregon, it takes A LOT to impress us when it comes to waterfalls. We have them everywhere. However in Norway, they are not only everywhere, you can see many at the same time! The volume of water coming off of the glaciers is so intense that you feel more alive as the water rushes down the mountain. Here are a few of our favorites.


Being right off the road, Langfossen was very easy to view. A pretty normal waterfall by our standards but we were glad we stopped by. The water flow was quite heavy as it streamed right below the road. While most people went straight for the falls, we started down below the main falls underneath the road. This was rewarding as we could get a different perspective from everyone else. Being one of our first stops, it was a great way to start to our 2,000 km road trip.



This waterfall was pretty amazing. We hiked to the very top of the falls which bypassed the main drop which we saved for last. This was perfect as we would not have hiked to the top otherwise and the view wasn’t as good up there. However, the top afforded us a path less traveled and a break from the tourists that overran the main fall viewing area.

Getting there early is best. Luckily in the summer, the sun is almost always up so you can really have it to yourself if you go early enough. Can you sense a pattern here? We don’t like crowds.



With its many streams, Tvindefossen was a pleasant stop. It was a relaxing place to listen to the water crashing down on the rocks at the end of an adventurous day. There is a souvenir shop and even camping nearby so it shouldn’t be hard to visit. The weather was pleasant for us, although we read that the water flows are more intense right after a heavy rainfall.


Raging Waterfalls

Since we were near the headwaters of many rivers, the glacier melt made for spectacular intensity in the water. As we drove we had to stop at many of these spots as water raged down the mountains. Water seemed to be flowing everywhere and we kept thinking “oh look, another waterfall,” every few minutes. We found them pouring down both sides of fjords and at the highest peaks.

Waterfall Norway Near Road

In the high part of the country, we would see incredible snowy landscapes with waterfalls everywhere. This water would pool into snowy lakes and eventually make it down to the fjords.

Snowy Norway Waterfalls

Overall, we were impressed mostly by the intensity and the variety of waterfalls. We hope to go further north on our next trip to Norway to see even more of these incredible landscapes and water features.

What is your favorite waterfall in the world? Let us know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Top Waterfalls of Norway

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the waterfalls. Norway is an incredibly beautiful country and if you do it right, you can have these places all to yourself. It also helps that there are only about 4 hours of night and even then it doesn’t get dark (June). Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I haven’t been to very many at all, loved getting to visit Multnomah this summer! Norway looks stunning though, great photos!

    1. Multnomah Falls is very pretty, but even better during the spring or winter if we get any snow. However, it is the most touristy waterfall in Oregon.

      Norway blew our minds with the intensity of the falls as well as the number of them. We would love to go back and go further north for the change in landscape.

  2. Norway is one of the best countries if you want to chase waterfalls. I really love Norway and I have been traveling around over a dozen times. Every corner another surprise and I love waterfalls. I think Låtefossen is one of my favorite.

    I wanted to go to Norway this year to gather travel information and pictures for my website.
    I almost visited all big waterfalls in Norway but still have to visit a few.

    There are so many outstanding waterfalls that it is difficult to choose which one the best.

    Nice article:)

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