A Glimpse of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and Bell Tower

What is the longest staircase you have climbed?

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is one of the major attractions in Split Croatia and includes a bell tower. As with many cathedrals we have visited, the interior is incredible. It includes a crypt, treasury, and baptistery.  We climbed the 200 steps to the top of the bell tower and found some amazing views of Split in every direction.

The view from the top of the St. Domnius Bell Tower in Split, Croatia

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A statue in the plaza of Zagreb, Croatia

A Glimpse of Zagreb

What place have you fallen in love with?

After spending two weeks in Italy, we took a bus to Zagreb, Croatia. This being our first time in Croatia, we were excited to see what all the hype was about. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and has a variety of old architecture and also a quirky side. There was so much to do there and we still didn’t see everything. Best of all, most people speak English in the cities so we had no trouble getting around.

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The Milan cathedral in Italy

A Glimpse of Milan Cathedral

What religious building have you visited that was the most interesting?

The Milan Cathedral was the highlight of the city and is the largest church in Italy. The cathedral took nearly six centuries to build as construction started in 1386 and finished in 1965. The ornate details on the building are incredible. It is no wonder it took so long to build. We enjoyed walking in the main square and seeing all the pigeons flying around. There were so many people there taking pictures, including us.

Column statue details on the Milan Cathedral in Italy

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A Taste of the Salisbury Cathedral

What’s a cool day-trip you’ve taken?

Most people bound for Stonehenge depart from London and stop off in the cute town of Salisbury. We came from Bristol, but since we had aspirations of catching sunset at the stones, we had plenty of time to kill in Salisbury.


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A Taste of the Cologne Cathedral

What is the coolest historical structure you’ve visited?

The Cologne Cathedral mesmerized us from the very moment we saw it. A backdrop to the central train station, it’s impossible to miss, and it gives a striking first impression of the city.


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