A Taste of the Salisbury Cathedral

What’s a cool day-trip you’ve taken?

Most people bound for Stonehenge depart from London and stop off in the cute town of Salisbury. We came from Bristol, but since we had aspirations of catching sunset at the stones, we had plenty of time to kill in Salisbury.


The highlight of the town was the beautiful Anglican Salisbury Cathedral. Known for its tall, hallow spire and sweeping close, it was spectacular to admire as we circled the inner courtyard. I love the symmetry and all the patterns in the architecture – anyone else?

The cathedral is also home to the best-surviving original copy of the Magna Carta. No photos of it are permitted, and they keep it safely tucked away within a tent inside one of the most dazzling rooms of the church. We were mesmerized by the stained glass windows and ribbed columns.



With this dose of history, we were ready to dive even more into the past to see the famous Stonehenge!

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