The view of Kotor, Montenegro, from atop the hill

A Glimpse of Kotor

Do you want to visit a medieval town?

Kotor is one of the most well-preserved medieval towns near the Adriatic sea and is an Unesco Heritage site. We visited in December and the weather was perfect. The drive there from Herceg-Novi is stunning with the beautiful waters and dramatic mountains. There also loads of street cats around looking for a bit of love and maybe even a treat. We loved everything about this town!

Cathedral of Saint Tryphon

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A rainbow over the city of Split, Croatia

A Glimpse of Marjan Hill

What city park did you find to be spectacular?

Marjan Hill in Split Croatia is a stunning place to see nature and the surrounding views of the city, nearby mountains, and the coastal waters of the Adriatic sea. More importantly, at least for Brianna, were the dozens of street cats on the hill. We walked hundreds of odd length steps to get up to the top of the hill where kitties were abundant. A gentleman was dumping out bags of cat kibble to keep them fed. Croatia knows how to take care of its street cats and kittens.


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