A Glimpse of Balbriggan

What is your favorite coastal town?

Like many of our prior cat-sits, we hadn’t originally planned ongoing to the small coastal town of Balbriggan just north of Dublin in Ireland. However, we have a tendency to follow cats around the world.

After our initial day of rain (with all our bags on us), we managed to find some sunshine with which to get out to the rocky coast. Strewn with algae-covered rocks, the beach was just another example of Irish beauty.


And we got to share it with cats! Dimka is a shy little sweetie who hid most of the time, but he warmed up to us eventually. Jackson couldn’t have been more different. This massive floof insisted on being wherever we were at all times, demanding love and laps – almost to an obnoxious level. I loved every moment of it, though, as I always had a kitty friend to keep me company!

Jackson also LOVED to go outside on a leash and would beg for it regularly. Yep, we walked a cat on a leash!

The two boys also had the funniest relationship with each other. They snuggled and groomed each other… but that quickly turned to a brawl at the flip of a coin.


It was a perfect introduction to the Republic of Ireland!

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