A Glimpse of the Dark Hedges

Do you love tunnels of trees as much as we do? Where have you found the best ones?


Even without the influence of Game of Thrones, we were enthralled by pictures of this mystical place: the Dark Hedges. A road losing itself in a tangle of trees looked like the perfect photo opportunity!


Originally, 150 trees were planted to form a more imposing approach to the estate built beyond it in the 1700s. Now, about 90 remain.


We sadly saw graffiti carved into the trunks (as we’ve also seen elsewhere). And vehicular traffic has recently been restricted on the corridor, for if it had continued with the influx of tourism, the trees would likely perish after twenty years.


We were happy to have made it to this beautiful spot, and we hit it just before we lost the last of the sun’s rays for the day. We made it only halfway through all we had planned for the north coast of Northern Ireland, but that just gives us more to look forward to on our next trip, right?

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