Orange tabby Captain Ahab in a cat loaf at a catsit in Montenegro

A Glimpse of House Sitting in Montenegro – Captain Ahab

What experience do you have with caring for a sick pet?

We watched three kitties for two weeks in Montenegro with TrustedHousesitters. This website allows you to find accommodation in exchange for watching pets. It is our favorite way to see a new place in the home of a local. While we were there, the unexpected happened when we noticed one kitty had labored breathing. It seemed to get worse, and we had no way of contacting the owners in China. So we had to take action and took Captain Ahab to the vet.


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A Glimpse of Balbriggan

What is your favorite coastal town?

Like many of our prior cat-sits, we hadn’t originally planned ongoing to the small coastal town of Balbriggan just north of Dublin in Ireland. However, we have a tendency to follow cats around the world.

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A Taste of Portadown

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? What did you do there?

We hadn’t planned on going to Ireland on this trip, but once we were in London and saw a cat-sit pop up in Portadown, we couldn’t pass it up. While we weren’t based in the more bustling nearby Belfast, it proved an excellent central point from which we could explore.

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A Taste of Carlisle

What kind of traveler are you? Go-go-go-go-go, do as little as possible, or something in between?

Carlisle was an opportunity for us to relax for a little bit. We have this nasty habit of trying to squeeze in far too many activities into a short time-span, making fatigue and burnout real problems. One of the things we love about house-sitting is the fact that it forces us to stay put for a while – often in a less-popular city.


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How to Get Free (or Mostly Free) Lodging Around the World

We want to share with you our favorite types of lodging for long-term travel – particularly the free and nearly-free types that let us keep traveling longer (because that’s the end goal, right?).  When you’re on the road for as long as we’ve been (and will be), you’ll quickly find that accommodation is one of the most expensive buckets of your budget.

Finding a place to sleep shouldn’t cost your entire life’s savings.  Fortunately, in only four months, our food expense has surpassed our lodging.  And this isn’t because we absolutely love food (though we do).  Rather, it’s because we aren’t spending the money on hotels.  Hey, we can’t always afford to stay at a resort!

Read on to discover our favorite programs, what they’re all about, what to watch out for, and how much you can save compared to hotels.


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