A Glimpse of Cat-Sitting in a Stone House in Montenegro

What unusual place have you stayed in?

We had an opportunity to watch some kitties in Montenegro in exchange for lodging, so we jumped on it. This stay was more of an adventure than our typical cat sit. The home is made of stone, has multiple buildings, and the couple who owns it just moved in recently. They hadn’t worked out all the bugs of their new home upon our arrival. Let’s just say we had a few obstacles to work through when we arrived, but that was part of the fun. We were excited to stay in such a unique place in such a fantastic location in Montenegro.


The home is secluded and requires a drive up a long dirt road to get to it. We kind of figured out a system of acceleration to make it up some steeper parts of the trail. If someone else is coming down the road when you are going up, there is a chance you may have to back your way all the way down the hill to let them pass. Luckily this didn’t happen to us. Once at the top the view from the place of the surrounding area is incredible.

We loved the look of this place with its stone walls and a beautiful deck with a view. It has two main buildings, one with a bedroom and general living area, and the other with a bathroom and kitchen. If you wanted to go to the bathroom at night, it was an adventure, especially when it was raining. Luckily, since we left, they have remedied the situation with a beautiful remodel.

While we were there, the next quirk was that the washing machine decided to take a walk as the floor was uneven. After that, we hand-washed our clothes and dried them outside, which wasn’t unheard of during the rest of our world tour. We also had a power outage where we used flashlights to switch buildings. This was both fun and creepy at the same time. There are some cute street cats roaming around that startled us as we startled them in the night.


We watched three kitties, Captain Ahab, Zissou, and Blackie. Each had their own unique personality. Captain Ahab liked to fluff blankets slowly. Zissou liked to suckle her own fur, and Blackie was usually a curled-up black spot on the bed. Thus we nicknamed them Fluffers, Suckles, and The Void respectively. It sounds kind of like a band name. We adored these kitties and gave them lots of love.


From the front patio, we could see the beautiful water down below and the surrounding mountains. The living area was pleasant for us and the cats, and we spent much of our time in the upstairs bedroom.  There we had access to a TV, and had a good place to relax while working on our blog.


We wondered who lived in this place when it was built, likely hundreds of years ago. It was definitely an experience, but one we would surely like to do again.


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