A Glimpse of House Sitting in Montenegro with a Sick Cat

What experience do you have with caring for a sick pet?

We watched three kitties for two weeks in Montenegro with TrustedHousesitters. This website allows you to find accommodation in exchange for watching pets. It is our favorite way to see a new place in the home of a local. While we were there, the unexpected happened when we noticed one kitty had labored breathing. It seemed to get worse, and we had no way of contacting the owners in China. So we had to take action and took Captain Ahab to the vet.


This sit had three wonderful cats; Captain Ahab (M), Zissou (M), and Blackie (F). Ahab and Zissou are famous kitties who traveled the world on a sailboat. You can read about them at mrandmrshowe.com. They are all beautiful cats and have unique personalities. We will focus on the father of all fluffers, Captain Ahab. He really likes to fluff things, slowly.


Ahab is a very fascinating cat that looks kind of like a king of the kitty kingdom. He started to have breathing problems that were getting worse, so we took him to the vet and found he had pneumonia. As we have our own two kitties and have been through many kitty illnesses, it fully prepared us for any situation while pet-sitting abroad. The vet needed to see this cat daily for antibiotic shots, so we took him each day for the next week before the owners returned.


When we first got a hold of Kach and Jonathan about the health of Ahab, of course they were panicking. We eased their concerns when we described how the Captain was improving. This poor cat had been very out of it, but his life was slowly sparking back and he began playing again with his buddy Zissou. It felt like Ahab made a comeback, and slid back down, and then came back again. It was quite a rollercoaster, but we were committed to making sure that this cat would get better.

Today, Ahab is doing fine in a growing home of cats, as Kach and Jonathan took in some resident strays. We loved watching these cats and loved our stay in beautiful Montenegro.

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2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of House Sitting in Montenegro with a Sick Cat

  1. Oh that sounds harrowing! I’m glad Captain Ahab recovered. I was house sitting once when one of the homeowners’ dogs passed away. He was very old, and the homeowners had warned me this may happen while they were away, but it was a terrible feeling nonetheless.

    1. Nathan, yes it was more of an adventure than we expected, but we cared greatly about these cats especially on our watch. Ahab is doing well now and we keep in touch with the owners even today.

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