A Glimpse of Kotor’s Castle of San Giovanni

What tourist attraction have you avoided having to pay the entry fee?

Kotor was one of our favorite places during our visit to Montenegro. It is a charming little walled city with a Fortress and Castle just above it. We visited in December and had this place mostly to ourselves. The climb up to San Giovanni Castle was amazing with such mind-blowing views from the top. It also is a unique trek with zig-zagging pathways all the way up the hillside. The trip is well worth the 1,350 steps to the top. And somehow we also didn’t have to pay the entry fee.


As we approached the gate, we saw that there was an €8 ($9 USD) entry fee. However, the gate was not manned and was wide open.  Apparently, during the off-season they do not charge for entry. We also know there are ways to avoid the entry fee even during the high-season with a bit of creativity. Score!


We traveled back in time to the year 532 when an emperor had the fort built. Since then it has been through many earthquakes and even bombed by British Naval armies during World War II. It is part of the fortifications of Kotor with many gates, bastions cisterns, a castle, and other various buildings and structures.

There is a lot to explore here and even plenty of street cats here that are looking for a bit of love. They have some of the best views of the cities as they look down on their human servants below.

We thoroughly enjoyed the inside of the building ruins. There weren’t many access points to go inside, but when we did it was incredible.

This has to be one of the best panoramas we’ve seen in Europe with steep mountains looking down at the harbor below. It felt kind of like Norway, but much warmer.


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