A Glimpse of Cordero al Palo

What traditional foods have you fallen in love with during your travels?

Throughout our travels in Patagonia, we came across many restaurants with this common sight: entire lamb carcasses splayed in triplicate over slow-burning coals. This is called cordero al palo, and it is a very specific type of barbecue favored in the southern regions of both Chile and Argentina.


The meat is minimally prepared, usually just with salt before being propped over clean-burning coals. Juices are directed away from the fire so as to avoid smoke, and the meat is left to slow cook for several hours.


Once done, it’s cut into large chunks and paired with potatoes in a brasero to keep it hot at the table.

After seeing several of these, our curiosity won over, and we had to try it for ourselves!


Easily split three ways (with leftovers to spare), the lamb was perfectly tender, melting in our mouths. It was deliciously flavored without any overpowering spices or sauces. It was simply delectable.


If you find yourself in the area (or even if you don’t!) and you have an opportunity to try this local specialty, we highly recommend it!

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