A Glimpse of the Fauna Trail

Have you ever found a secret or lesser-known hike?


Following our major 11- to 14-mile (depending on which device you believe) hike the previous day, we wanted to go easy on our poor sore legs. Therefore, we opted for another quick hike within Torres Del Paine National Park, one that would take us 1.5hrs each way out and back, culminating in some ancient rock paintings.

The Fauna Trail was true to its name, with signs warning of pumas in the area and herds of guanaco at ever turn. We sadly didn’t spy any cats (much to my disappointment), but it was a gorgeous day to be out, nonetheless.


The views were spectacular, and we had the 6500-year-old petroglyphs all to ourselves. We enjoyed the shelter from the sun and wind as we ate our sandwiches and tried to keep our crumbs from a curious field mouse.



While this hike can be done as a through-hike to another trailhead, we departed and returned to the road just behind the north gate’s visitor center. We realized only later that we were apparently supposed to have a guide to do the hike… oops!


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