A Glimpse of the Ethnografic Museum Rupe

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The Ethnographic Museum is a cultural history museum depicting the traditional way of life of Croatians in the 19th century. It contains over 6,000 objects of the ethnographic heritage of the Dubrovnik region. These include things like holiday dress, textile handcrafts, items related to economic activities, traditional households, and rural architecture. In Dubrovnik, we wanted to see as many museums as we could since we had free admission with our Dubrovnik Card, so this was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

A display in the Ethnographic Museum in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The museum is in the location of an old 16th-century granary and the old grain storage wells were one of the most interesting places in the museum. Imported grain was dried and stored in these wells. We could look down inside one through the glass. The permanent display in the museum relate to the granary with displays showing how grain was once stored.

We found displays of traditional dress, cooking tools, stoves, jewelry, guns, baskets, and many other items. It was far more interesting than we thought it would be.

We wanted to get the most out of our Dubrovnik card, and it included free museum entries. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have even known about this place.

A display in the Ethnographic Museum in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Much of the museum’s collection was gathered from the first decade of the 20th century. It was a fantastic way to spend an hour or two on a rainy day.

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