A Glimpse of Dunluce Castle

Where have you found awesome ruins with a view?


Dunluce Castle was our second stop on our mini day road trip along the Northern Ireland coast. By this point, the sun was out, and the views were superb!


We could see the ruins from a ways down the road, and we couldn’t wait to stop to take some pictures. But while the scene was beautiful from afar, the castle was even more interesting from the inside.

We explored the many rooms, once more wondering how it might have looked during its prime.. and how much we would love to wake up to this gorgeous coastline outside our window every day!


As we were leaving, we bumped into some American accents and exchanged group photo-taking. We quickly found that they also hail from our hometown of Portland – small world!

Only two stops in yet half the day gone, it was time to take a break and seek out some lunch. We sadly feared our ambitious checklist for the day would go woefully unfinished…


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