A Glimpse of Fortress Lovrijenac

Where was your last eye candy view?

Fortress Lovrijenac is a special place in Dubrovnik with loads of history. This is the best spot to get a photo of the entire walled Old Town of Dubrovnik Croatia. The views from this fort are pure eye candy with the turquoise blue waters below and the old city walls. It also is a Game of Thrones filming location where they filmed the scenes of the Red Keep in King’s Landing. We loved it!

A cannon at the fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fort Lovrijenac has a fascinating history that goes back to the 11th century. Venice had planned to build a fortress here to conquer the city. When Dubrovnik realized their plans, they mobilized all of their citizens to build a fortress in that spot before the Venetians arrived. Upon arrival, the Venetians realized their plans had failed and did not have a chance of conquering the city.

Stairs at the fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia

When we arrived at the Fort, we walked through some empty entryways before climbing the stairs to the top.

Once we ascended the stairs, we had an incredible view of the sea below. Then we looked towards the Old Town and WOW! This has to be THE best view of the walled city.

The travel kitties looking down at Dubrovnik, Croatia from the fortress

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