A Glimpse of Rector’s Palace

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We visited Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik in late November. This palace is a Game of Thrones location, so we had to stop by. The inner stairway and columns were used in the scene where Daenerys meets the spice king in Quarth. Today, the palace is home to a cultural history museum where we got a taste of the city’s history. It also hosts musical events in a concert hall.

The Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Rector’s Palace is a gothic-style building that also combines renaissance and baroque elements. It has been renovated several times as it was damaged during earthquakes and It contains prison cells, a courtroom, an arsenal, and the quarters of the Rector.

We loved the staircase, the columns, and the atriums of the palace, and the historical artifacts. The building used to house government and state offices and the Rector’s living quarters.

The outside of the palace is a great place to sit and people-watch in the main square, and stay out of the sun. It has long benches and plenty of street cats looking for a little love.

The Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia

We used the Dubrovnik card to see this and other museums. It saved us money when we wanted to see multiple things and was worth it for a day.

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