A Glimpse of Dubrovnik Harbors

What unique harbor have you visited?

Dubrovnik Croatia has multiple harbors, and we liked each for different reasons. One is the west harbor which has some stunning views of both the fortress and the city walls. It is also Blackwater Bay in the popular Game of Thrones series. There is also a second main harbor near the Pile Gate on the south end of town. It has many benches and is a wonderful place to watch a sunset or even a storm. We love being near the water and enjoyed both places.

We would have liked to go to some of the nearby islands, but we were a little late in the season and they were closed. The Dubrovnik port was still very interesting walking around outside the city walls. There were still plenty of venues to get a beer or other beverages and sit out on the docks. With many park benches, we enjoyed this area most for relaxing and photography.

The western harbor is outside of the northern city gates and is an excellent viewpoint for the city walls and the Fort of Lovrijenac. In Game of Thrones, this is where Sansa and Littlefinger discussed their plans of escaping. It is also where the Blackwater battle takes place.

The fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Both of these locations are fun to explore at any time of year.

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