A Glimpse of Parma

What special moment have you had in your travels?

Our Couchsurfing host was kind enough to show us around to many nearby cities. He drove us to Parma and acted as our tour guide to some of the best spots to see. We enjoyed the evening wandering around and seeing some highlights. Like many Italian towns, Parma has an indoor market, a cathedral, covered walkways, and museums. We even made a new friend while we were there.

Fiacco, our Italian couchsurfing host's dog

Parma may sound familiar as it is in the region that created parmesan cheese. Food is an enormous part of Italian culture, and we had no trouble enjoying it. It is hard not to find a restaurant as they are abundant here.

The Duomo (Cathedral) is definitely a highlight of this city. The religious artwork was incredible in this place. Just make sure to look up to see some of the best details in the cathedral, including the Assumption of the Virgin located in the dome.

Cupola ceiling art in a church in Parma, Italy

Piazza della Pace was another fun place to visit as it had these pools with trees that lit up at night. It was such a unique place, unlike any other plazas we have visited.

A reflective pool at night in Parma, Italy

The most special moment of being in this city had nothing to do with us, but our Couchsurfing host. He was upset about missing his dog after a breakup several years back. In fact, he had two dogs and one of them died. We wondered why he didn’t just go after his dog and suggested that he should. Go get him, he is your dog. He contacted his ex and made arrangements to pick him up. When they reunited, he was in tears, and it was beautiful to see the love he had for this animal. How often do you get to see a moment like that?

Our couchsurfer recently reunited with his dog, Fiacco

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  1. Wow, that is really touching. It’s incredible that you were able to be such a positive catalyst in their lives!

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