A Glimpse of Modena

What is the fastest car you have ever driven?

Modena is the place where many of the Italian fast cars come from. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati are a few of the most well known. In fact, there is even a Ferrari Museum in this town for all the car enthusiasts. Modena also has much more with its beautiful parks, cathedrals, museums, and a palace. It also has live musicians playing in the streets and local festivals throughout the year. We stumbled on the Chocolate Festival, which we could not refuse.


The center square Piazza Grande is where we spent an enjoyable part of our day. We visited the Modena Cathedral and walked in the nearby covered walkways to avoid the rain. It rains a lot in November, but that was just our timing.

Near the main square is the Palazzo Ducale di Modena. Between here and Piazza Grande is where we found the chocolate festival which was the highlight of our time there. There were also street musicians nearby.

This display impressed us the most. These look like tools, but deep down, they are just chocolate. These were so realistic looking we had to question it. It is fascinating what people come up with.

Chocolate shaped and decorated to look like shop tools in Modena, Italy

We found chocolates in the forms of cats, mice, and even fountains. It was definitely Brianna’s dream. However, being as stingy as we were at this point in our trip, we didn’t get any. She blames me.


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