A Glimpse of the Bushmills Distillery

What is the oldest distillery, winery, or brewery you’ve visited?


We couldn’t drive right past the town of Bushmills without stopping in to the oldest operating distillery in the world. This place has been making high-quality, triple-distilled Irish whiskey for over 400 years!

While we would have loved to take the tour to hear all about the process, we were selective in our spending and felt the money was better spent on the whiskey. It proved to be the best decision!

We got a three-tasting sampler each, and we quite enjoyed every drop. However, we found our favorite was actually not the most expensive, but rather the mid-grade Black Bush. So smooth to sip, this would only be ruined by pairing it with any cheap mixer. In fact, we loved it so much we sent a bottle home for Christmas!


Did you know that only Americans and the Irish spell whiskey with an “E”? All others use “whisky.” The spelling originates from subtle differences in Irish and Scottish Gaelic translations. Americans used to spell it interchangeably, with relative equal influence from both the Irish and Scottish. However, this shifted after the Irish potato famine in the 1800s and an influx of Irish immigrants.


We also wanted to visit the oldest pub in the world in Ireland, proper, but it’s in the center of the country, too out of the way for our path. Fortunately, there’s still plenty more we want to see there, so we’ll certainly be back!

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