A Glimpse of the Illusion Museum

When have you seen something that you did not ACTUALLY see?

Zagreb has many indoor things to do on a rainy day and the Illusion Museum is one of them. We thought that maybe this would be another gimmicky museum, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Aaron had his head on a platter, and we were both multiplied by thousands with the help of some mirrors. I even shrunk Brianna to half her size. Who knew that something so simple allowed for us to be so silly together.

The entrance of the Illusion Museum in Zagreb, Croatia

In this illusion, we walked back and forth to what looked like a 3D view through the museum. It was hard to stop doing it over and over to figure out why it did this. We enjoyed how interactive this place was.

Be careful about going to this place on a weekday as large groups of school children may stop in. We had to wait for them to clear out before getting into this fun place where we multiplied ourselves.

Aaron and the travel kitties in a room of mirrors at the Illusion Museum in Zagreb, Croatia

In this room, you could play cards with a room full of your doppelgangers. We were throwing the cards in the air over and over again.

Aaron playing cards with a few of his clones at the Illusion Museum in Zagreb, Croatia

One of the displays made it so we could blend our heads together. The top half is Aaron’s and the bottom half is Brianna’s. Creepy!

Aaron used his superpowers to miniaturize Brianna. How cute!


Aaron did a handstand on this bench. Or did he? Even the kitties are in on this one.

Of course, this one had me thinking about a famous line from Hannibal. “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” Little Holee and Mochi are ready for dinner.

Aaron's head on a plate at the Illusion Museum in Zagreb, Croatia

Illusion museums are popular all over Europe, and this was certainly one of our favorites, right up there with the Frankfurt History Museum!  If you get the chance, definitely check them out.

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  1. You guys seem to be having an ultimate fun therr 🙂 brings smile to my face as well seeing how joyful it seemed to be for both of you!

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