A Glimpse of the Museum of Broken Relationships

What is a memorable item or story you have from a broken relationship?

The Museum of Broken Relationships is one of the many places we wanted to visit before going to Zagreb. The sound of this place intrigued us, and we wanted to see what it was all about. What we found was more interesting than we expected as the stories we found were a mix of comedy and darkness. They were gripping enough to keep us interested, and it was hard to not spend hours there.

Ending a relationship is not always easy and people tend to rid themselves of anything that reminds them of the person in order to heal. The Museum of Broken Relationships holds those items and tells the story of those who have lived through a broken relationship. It gives those an opportunity to perform a farewell to those they lost or time that is no longer. People donated objects of significance and the stories behind them which are displayed throughout the museum. The text is in Croatian and English so you can read it. Did you know that Croatia is a very English friendly country?

We spent a couple of hours reading each of the accounts of ending relationships and viewing the items associated with them. Some were terrible situations and others were comedic. Simple items like frisbees, stuffed animals, bicycles, and even a box of Chef Boyardee pizza sauce. Stories include the years of the relationship and the name of the country or place it happened. I liked the pizza mix story the best.


This was a darker one with a wedding dress. Let’s just say the marriage didn’t last long.

Many chapters of our lives are important, including the bad ones. We all keep sentimental things or decide someday it is time to get rid of them entirely. What would you contribute to this museum?

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