A Taste of the Heidelberg Castle

Where have you found some awesome ruins?

In case you didn’t know already, I am a real sucker for ruins! I love the decay of what once was and imagining what it might have looked like in its prime. I love exploring the crumbling walls and admiring how nature is slowly reclaiming what is hers.


Surprisingly, some parts of the Heidelberg Castle are actually quite intact! But this is due to numerous reconstructions and renovations.

They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but this castle has suffered varying degrees of destruction due two two separate lightning strikes more than 200 years apart! Given this trend, it’s overdue for a third. We’re just glad to have seen it before another hits!


And the funicular is a wonderful way to ascend the steep hillside to the castle and a lofty viewpoint above.

We chose to buy the ticket for both the new funicular that goes to the castle, and the old one that extends beyond it. But we bought just the cheaper one-way ticket (which included admission to the castle), intent on simply hiking back down the hill afterwards.


I think we did it right! The 100-year-old funicular was worth the ride, and the trail back down the hill was pleasant, if a bit strenuous on the knees. In addition to the famed Heidelberg Schloss, it was a day well spent!

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