A Taste of the Irish Sea Ferry

What is the fanciest ferry you’ve traveled on?

When hopping the Irish Sea, we knew we’d need to take a ferry. We expected the standard, run-of-the-mill big boat with cars underneath and plastic benches for passengers up top. Perhaps an indoor area to escape the brisk wind.


But we were in for quite a surprise! Immediately upon entering, we noticed a full arcade, which was something I’ve never seen on a ferry! But it didn’t stop there.

This ferry also had several on-board restaurants and cafes, a gaming floor with interactive touchscreens and PS4 consoles, a children’s area (walled off and soundproof for other passengers!), an entire floor dedicated to a full-service spa, and a free mini movie theater! And of course, this was all in addition to ample cushy seating all throughout.


With all these amenities, we were actually a tad disappointed the ride was only a few hours! It was certainly more equipped than any flight!


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