A Glimpse of La Zorra

What restaurants, cafes, or pubs have you fallen in love with during your travels?

After struggling to find someplace decent in Puerto Natales, we were pleasantly surprised by the offerings in El Calafate.


In particular, we loved La Zorra (“the fox”). This brewery not only served a wide assortments of beers, but it also had some wine alternatives for me (I’m not really a fan of beer). And they gave healthy pours!


Their munchies were also top-class.. we had to try a few of their loaded fries!


And my dad particularly liked that there were lots of friendly dogs wandering about. He could sit with a beer in his hand and a happy pup’s head in his lap.


With all the beautiful weather, the place often kept its doors wide open.. which meant on more than one occasion, the resident strays would happily let themselves in. They want a beer too, right?


We were thrilled to learn there was also a location at our next stop, El Chalten. Even if we couldn’t find anything else there, we knew it had at least one thing we like!


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2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of La Zorra

  1. I’m a fan of breweries and travel across states and counties to find them. I am not a fan of wine (pretentious wine snobs are the worst kind of snob) but fortunately I married a woman who’s as much a fan of micro-brewed craft ale as I am.

    1. Haha! I enjoy drinking wine, but I know next to nothing about it, so I think I’m safe in the “snob” category! I just never could adjust to the taste of beer, but both Aaron and my dad are quite fond of it!

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