A Glimpse of Glacial Ice

What is the freshest water you’ve ever tasted?


It might sound cliche, but there really is nothing that quite compares to glacial water. When visiting the Perito Moreno glacier in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, we were encouraged to drink the water straight from the lake! It was just as fresh on the actual glacier (more on that later).


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A Glimpse of El Calafate

What is your favorite national park gateway town?

Small towns thrive when on the doorstep of a national park. After all, not everyone can afford to stay within the parks – if they even offer onsite lodging! Before our travels, we were always partial to Moab with its easy access to weeks’ worth of activities.


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A Glimpse of Puerto Natales

What cute little towns have you found in your journeys?

Puerto Natales is a backpacker’s town and the gateway to the famed Torres Del Paine National Park. Instead of forking over a fortune to stay in the park, we opted to stay in this cute coastal town about an hour and a half away.

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A Glimpse of Cordero al Palo

What traditional foods have you fallen in love with during your travels?

Throughout our travels in Patagonia, we came across many restaurants with this common sight: entire lamb carcasses splayed in triplicate over slow-burning coals. This is called cordero al palo, and it is a very specific type of barbecue favored in the southern regions of both Chile and Argentina.


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A Glimpse of the Fauna Trail

Have you ever found a secret or lesser-known hike?


Following our major 11- to 14-mile (depending on which device you believe) hike the previous day, we wanted to go easy on our poor sore legs. Therefore, we opted for another quick hike within Torres Del Paine National Park, one that would take us 1.5hrs each way out and back, culminating in some ancient rock paintings. Continue reading “A Glimpse of the Fauna Trail”

A Glimpse of the Mirador Torres Del Paine

What’s a place you were looking forward to for a long time before you finally visited?

The Torres Del Paine spires are arguably what originally drew us to the stunningly beautiful Patagonia region. When searching for pictures of this place, chances are one of the first images you’ll see is similar to the first one here: a turquoise blue pool in front of thick fingers jutting into the sky.


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A Glimpse of the Rio Pingo Hike

Are you a fair-weather hiker, or will you even go out in the rain?

For our second day in Torres Del Paine National Park, we were still breaking in our legs in preparation for the big hike we were there for. The rain only helped in our decision to do another warmup hike rather than tackle the park’s namesake trek.


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A Glimpse of the Sendero Mirador Cuernos

What is the most beautiful place you’ve been in the world?

Our first day in the renowned Patagonia did not disappoint! With sapphire blue skies and joyful puffy white clouds, we couldn’t have been happier! Torres Del Paine National Park had on its finest and it certainly impressed.

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